Hi all,

I'm working full time, taking an online course and of course following along the WA training as well. By the time I research an article write, proof read and tweak the SEO to add internal links/external links and meta-description--I'm averaging one post a week. I also don't usually hit 1000 words (though I'm close). Is this okay or do I need to step it up?

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IvanBroz Premium
It's ok to start with one post per week. Don't rush the process. Take your time to master content writing and SEO and then, as you pick up the pace, you can increase to 2-3 posts per week and even 5 per week.

If you like analogies, here's one. Be like a stick shift car engine. It can't start in fifth gear. You have to start in firsts and work your way to fifth in order to achieve the full speed :)

Here are some useful tips that should help you to go from first to fifth gear:
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Consistency is more important than numbers.
KLoranca Premium
I agree with both...I have been trying to blog at least twice but sometimes life gets in the way. I feel that if affiliate marketing is your full time job then it should be at least 2 x a week. I try to get as close to 1000 words as I can.
ratlhaganen Premium
Hi Stone,

I agree with Joe, totally. It also depends on your appetite for blogging. You must feel free to do what you want of course adhering to the rules.

JoeRebisz Premium
If that is all the time you have, then yes, as long as you're consistent. The recommended is 2-3 per week, but consistency is more important.