I recently got some feedback on my website and I wanted to get some additional opinions on writing in first person vs third person. The following quotation is what the person wrote:

"But to me is it far to personal and should be handled more as a third party. For sample Instead to write "Since I work full time outside of the home" I would write. "when parents work full time..." its ok if you are personal but i am not sure if to many "I's" scare clients then offen i think people goes faster to amazon than to read allways a personal biography. People wants to have problems solved. [...]you will have to decide if its a personal page or if you want to make pasiv income..."

Should I be writing in less conversational style, in third person? I feel my niche (which includes both parenting and prepping subjects) lends itself to a more personal style. They are pretty personal subjects that include a lot of philosophical and personal decisions. Here is my website for reference: http://survivalwithkids.com/ Thank you in advance for another opinion as I've been stewing about this comment all day.

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NORZ Premium
Being more personal is I think much better. I have read an advice lately that when you are writing a blog, pretend that you are talking to a single person instead of a mass.
AColby Premium
Thank you all for your input. I appreciate the affirmation that I don't need to change my style completely, and the suggestions for a few things I could do to engage the reader more in the 'conversation'. Thanks!
catlady13 Premium
I went over your website the other day and I thought the first person helps the reader relate to your experiences.. Then if you are giving instructions you can use the second person "you"
CathyLou Premium
Hi Amanda,
I think you should definitely be sticking with your conversational style. Because, while people may be looking for their problems to be solved, they also love a good story :)

My suggestion would be to tweak it a little to engage the reader:
"Who here works full time, away from home? I do and I find that far too much of that time is spent in my vehicle..."

Hope that helps :)
verna8767 Premium
When you write your content you should be writing as if you are talking directly to someone. That "someone" should be your target audience.
Use "conversational speech". Therefore, you should use the term "you".

In the example above I would write: "Since you work outside of the home..." This way, your visitor will feel like you are speaking directly to them and you will start to build rapport.
bjdluna Premium
Hi Amanda,
I'm probably the last person who you should listen to when it comes to writing but I agree with you. It makes you more of a real person to the reader. Also for your niche it seems like you wouldn't want to appear too stiff and formal. That's just my 2 cents (or maybe 1.5).
littlevideoguy Premium
being yourself is the best style you should adopt. Nothing beat this.:)