I want to do more reviews on kitchen appliances like blenders, food processors, food dehydrators, juicers etc Since my niche is vegan food and lifestyle, I think it kind of relates because you can make vegan food with those things.

But when I look at the top competitors in google, it's dominated by websites with domain names like "blenderauthority.com" for blenders, and "juicingwithxx.com" for juicers, "dehydratorreviews.com" for dehydrators... etc

Will it affect my chances of ranking and doing well if I'm reviewing blenders and my niche is vegan food and lifestyle? just not sure if I'm branching out too wide here.

Or does it even matter as long as I'm using a good keyword with low QSR and writing 1200+ words content?

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LouisaB Premium
This is an awesome niche. No it's not weird.
BiGG1959 Premium
You may want to rethink writing so may words. That figure doesn't mean very much when it comes to the search engines. Start writing too much and they will begin flagging it as having duplicate content and skip over it very quickly. You don't need to go into great detail for your site to be found and indexed. It depends on how you well you say it more than the exact number of words you use. Use your keywords in the first couple of paragraphs and them write naturally.
Sqwee Premium
I think it would be just fine as long as you're creating quality content with relevant keywords. And I don't think you necessarily have to get to that 1,200 word count either. Sometimes quality is better than quantity. Just be sure to include anything that you would like to see in a review if you were considering purchasing something and you should do great. Blenders and other specialty kitchen appliances fit wonderfully into the vegan niche if you ask me.
dgurtner Premium
No, it's not weird. I know from experience that there's a lot of health-oriented people who are always looking for the right blender or juicer, or new ideas for Vitamix recipes etc. If you're passionate and knowledgeable in your niche and you do your keyword research, run with it!
Tshupp Premium
Of course not as good as any that sounds like a great idea