Hi! Yesterday I published a new post. But I had an error in the title and it showed also in the permalink. Once I saw the error, I corrected the title and the permalink.

But now I am not sure if I have to correct this error somewhere else, or if it is better to delete the post and publish it completely new, without the error.

Is it correct to edit a permalink?

Thank you!

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botipton Premium
Lot of factors. If right now you have 2 visits a day to your website not going to do much.

All that happens is that if for some reason someone found the old permalink and clicked it they would get an error page.

If you have 2000 visits a day then it is a different story.

A lot of people could get an error page. The easiest thing is to do what @JVanDerLaan said and do a redirect. So that the old URL still works it just redirects them to the new URL. No harm now foul
JVanDerLaan Premium
If you had already published the post before you edited the permalink, then you should 301 redirect the old permalink to the new permalink.

This is very easy to do, simply search for a 301 redirect plugin.

Hope this helps!