If I want to right another blog and I go on to the pen in the to corner it won't erase my first blog will it.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
No it will add your blog to your blog roll, Tonya!

Pink44 Premium Plus
Thank you I feel so much better .
AbieAJ Premium Plus
So very welcome.
MBdesire Premium Plus
Hi, Pink44, Write one blog a day, and after all doings on your blog go tags, after tags, publish it
remove your fear. you will see all of them
davehayes Premium
AbieAJ have you covered Tonya : )
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Is this related to your WA blog? if you have one unfinished it should go in your drafts section top of pop up when you click blog at WA.

However, I see you already have a blog, once published it won't delete itself unless you delete it, that's clicking the cogwheel top of blog post and choosing delete from drop down menu. A prompt middle of screen asking if you are sure you want it gone.