I can paste the text, but cant cut the photo, and can not find it in the site

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Loes Premium
Press the ctrl button and then whilst holding it down click the mouse, that should be the same as the right click
Wdcope Premium
It's funny how the little things you don't use for awhile are forgotten. Thanks for the reminder on the process. For many years I had a assistant I could tell what I needed and he took care of it. Now I am doing on my own with a great community of assistants! Thankful for that. When I complete my professional blog I will share and appreciate feedback.

Take care,
Vickic3 Premium
Go back into your post from your dashboard in your website- then click edit post and in there you can add your pics or photos and then click update and they will be on your post
I hope this helps
smartketeer Premium
Do you mean that you want to replicate an existing post?

Because that's not a good idea.

For the photo you simply need to search in the media library.
FrankM64 Premium
in your wordpress dashboard
your photos will be located there, and retreived from there
Annaeri26 Premium
Have you tried right clicking the photo and saving it to your desktop?
Wdcope Premium
I have an apple, and you don't right click