I would like to know your opinion on my choice of word as I utilise SCAMDAMNED through out my entire Website also using it as the main title.
Do you like it?
Do you think it creates a dramatic effect as you read it?
I use capital letters make to it bold and underline it and use a different colour to make it stand out.
What do you think....Does it work?....Please be so kind and let me know.
Thank you, Andi.

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FarhanSidik Premium
Hey there!

I just saw your website. I personally think the term "SCAMDAMNED" have some sort of a comedic effect to it. I do not know if this is what you intended. I do not really see a problem with using it as a name for your website. I actually feel like it can be "brand-able".

However, I see too many occurrences of you using the same term for all your posts and pages. I think you should tone down on that because it seems overwhelming for me. You do not need to have "scamdamned" in front of every page or post title.

Either way, if you are able to create quality content while targeting the right keywords, you will still get traffic and eventually have followers for your website. I don't think your site's name will have that much of an effect, as long as it is "relevant" in some sense.

Just my two cents. All the best =)
AndiTointon Premium
Good advice FahranSidik, I appreciate it as it is my first ever website...and I have a quirky sort of sense of humour.
FarhanSidik Premium
Just glad I could help!

All the best Andi!
wrs Premium
I agree that all uppercase indicates you're screaming, it doesn't read as well as normal print and may interrupt the thought you are trying to convey to the reader. Just my take.
Bigbroian Premium
I looked over the site and found it a bit overwhelming for me personally but that's just me. The background is the problem for me. Just too bright, but it DOES get the attention you are looking for. In my experience, when using upper case letters, it means that you are screaming. Hopefully, that is not what your intentions are.
You DO get the point across though. I'd be interested if I were someone looking.
Just a few observations.

FarhanSidik Premium
Hey there!

It would be great if you give us a link to your site. That way we all can see how it looks.

Cheers =)