When I started out I wanted to go two different directions with websites: for 1 I wanted to promote WA, and for the other I wanted to write Christian articles and promote literature.

I purchased a domain called marketsuccessfully.com to promote WA, but I was not happy with the name so I bought affiliatebeliever.com. I wrote one review that ranked REALLY good in a week (it's at the top of second page), then I got the urge to buy another domain superwealthyaffiliate.org. I wrote some good content and even wrote another review to replace the one ranked so well at Affiliate Believer, but it hasn't surpassed it in rankings (it's at the top of the fourth page).

The direction I'm going is to build my WA business, but now I have 1 inactive domain and 2 that are promoting WA, which I now think may be redundant...

Here's the two main things I'm trying to figure out: 1) What domain name should I use to promote WA; 2) Should I use only 1 domain and promote WA and topics relevant, plus have a place within the site that promotes Christian literature?
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Use any of them.
Me, I would dedicate one or more pages in them to promote.
TheGrizzly Premium
Which site is currently holds your best content? Every site you have should have a key focus to maximize its success. Having only one topic per website makes it much easier to market, and for your content to be absorbed.
Shawn Martin Premium
I would pick affiliatebeliever.com myself. Just my opinion. :)
pinkabella Premium
I would concentrate on one really good site to promote WA and then another site for your Christian literature