I was giving feedback on a website and I was going back and forth to the page. I did the whole feedback, looked at the members profile, then lost all my feedback. My fault for not submitting, but is there a way to get back all I typed? Yikes! And

and why does a title for my question have to long?


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YvonneBray Premium
I have done the same thing. before I go back into the site I copy what I have written. Into word. then when I go back I paste it back in then continue typing. It's annoying but that's better than trying to remember what you wanted to say. Hope this helps.
Chefwife Premium
That's a good idea. I looked at the profile of the member. There is no going back.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Better success next time!
NPosey Premium
good question
BarbaraMeye2 Premium
i am not able to advise you at this time
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - no, once you move away from the feedback page, then that particular website will be offered to someone else instead.