when I try to get feedback for my healthiest cookware blog, it takes my credits then leaves me with no outreach to receive feedback, it goes blank, this has happened 3 times, thank you, Jack P.S., please credit me for 3 feedback requests

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CordeliaN Premium
I think I know what you are saying because it has happened to me several times. I have found this is symptomatic with the device I am using. It happens with my IPad and with my iPhone, but not with my laptop (which is also an apple)

However mine was in reverse, it would go blank when I offered comments. Which was annoying as I would spend a huge amount of time giving feed back.

EHozubin Premium
Cordelia - I was have the same problem and submitted to Kyle and we when back and forth and I said sometimes I would spend a lot of time which then I get interruptions and I don't get an acknowledgement of received my comments. Then he told me that they only allow 15 minutes. I put a lot of time looking at 4 websites that never got there.
CordeliaN Premium
Well now, I learn something new every day... 15 mins, I would spend a considerable while writing feed back for the person requesting, now I know where I went wrong, not just my iPad but me...thank you

It’s really annoying when it happens but I will be ever mindful from here on .... 👍
TinaE88 Premium
If im not mistaken you hve to offer two feedbacks before you can request one for yourself.
When you offer you get one credit each, and to request a feedback you "pay" two credits.
Stanleycmng Premium
With feedback and comments, there are “request for” and “feedback offer”. These are the supply and demand, therefore coordination is required to queue and match them. One has to wait for the offer and do it when you get it. I guess you are not getting any, so I suspect not enough request to reach your turn in queue yet.