I've heard this advice that some of my posts should be unique and helpful posts with no affiliate links and only informational and not selling. But should we focus on funneling these informational posts to other posts where there are affiliate links? If we don't then wouldn't it be a waste of energy?

For example:

post #1 "can you eat kiwi with the skin on?" with no funneling to other affiliate linked posts. readers read it, then move on.


post #2 "how to make your own kale chips" with internal links to an affiliate linked review post about dehydrators that can make kale chips.

My question is, as far as informational posts go, should I focus 100% on posts like #2?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Kent,

If it helps you any, I have done posts both ways in my personal blog.

The point Kyle makes in his training is to NOT flood your website with affiliate links. In other words, providing useful content that is unique sprinkled with affiliate links will have your site ranking higher.
donyutuc Premium
Hmmm... I'm still new, barely 2 weeks as a Premium member but this caught my attention and I'm just curious to see what kind of answers you'll get. Thanks for asking!