I posted here the other day and the put the post on my website. I wasn't thinking and now am thinking to delete the post on my website to avoid duplicate content.

Does anyone know the right course of action? Should I delete the post on my site or here at WA?



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CarlaIves Premium
I'd remove the one from the WA blog and leave it up on your website. You can always link to it if you want to make a point.
rosieM Premium
Is this the only time? Then let it go...just don't make it a 'regular' thing...that's what they don't want..write it off as a learning experience
BusyGirl Premium
the best of both worlds... keep the posts you write for your website, then if you want feedback or to share with WA, write a condensed version or introductory version on WA with a link to the whole store on your website.
jmaurice Premium
I was told that having the same post on wa and your website is duplicate content, It is your decision to make one or the other
upsgirl Premium
You can delete the Post from within WA. While in Edit, select Posts...all Posts...while hovering over the Post, DELETE. Good luck!