Hi everyone,

I have an e-commerce site where I will sell physical products.

Products are made & photographed. Now I need to write a description that will SELL!

Can you, help me, please?

I am looking for suggestions of real physical products (like wooden bowl & vases), that will have good SEO & that will sell to customers - links would be very appreciated (I am doing my first case study...).

Thank you for your help and suggestions!


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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, I'd say is first knowing your target audience obviously. I would focus on product benefits, use Jaaxy find good choice of keywords, make it as easily as possible to scan and use of awesome detailed images help a great deal too.

You want to tell them the full story to let your visitors make an informed decision whether to click the add item button and to checkout.

Below link may help
Dhind1 Premium
All good ideas below and I would suggest using a combination of all of them.

Also, look at your competition, how are they selling the same items?
Does Amazon carry a similar item, what are they using to sell them?

Check magazines, we often forget that magazines were the precursor to internet sales.

Lastly, check with your friends, ask them to help you by checking what you write - does it speak to them? If so - why? If not - why?

GuguGirlGugz Premium
Magazines! That's a good one!
Jessiefido Premium
Hi Vesna, I'm sorry but this is not my area of expertise yet, but I believe Monique and Gugu have some great ideas for you.

Thanks for the question, I have learned something new here too which I had no idea about before!
MoniqueRich Premium
I'm not an expert but when I was you, I would also search on pinterest, you will find a lot of great sites there, if you give the word, home, in the search bar you will see all the pins, next to the search bar on the right side there is a box (All Pins) you click and change it to People. Now you get all the people who have pages with home decor, etc. Now you're looking at a page with a lot of followers. I took a screenshot for you so you can see what I mean. On this page you can see what she has in store. With just one page you can learn a lot about what and how you can present your things.
Hope it helps.
Lots of success Monique
vvidmar Premium
thank you, this is a great idea! How do I see how many followers has a page?
MoniqueRich Premium
Under the name, you see the followers, 1 m. followers. one more trick, if you start follow her followers, you can maiby get a lot of followers yourself, because they are excactly interesting in your niche, try it out, for yourself. Monique
GuguGirlGugz Premium
This is good! I don't even own an ecommerce shop but I'm learning!
MoniqueRich Premium
Thank you so muc, have a great weekend. Monqiue
JeffreyBrown Premium
i like GuGu's answer!