When I hit save I lost the publish button. Now how do I publish this training ?

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WGreer1958 Premium
Hi, if you scroll all the way down in WP you can see the dates and time your revise your website. You can actually click on the link to see the pages. If you update your website, make sure to close the current windows you were working on, do not close the window you are working on. I hope this helps.
albinchero Premium
I agree with you, closing the window of the page you are working on means you do away with the content you are writing, this is the major cause just be cautious I hope this will help great.
Loes Premium
Go to the edit mode again, and the publish button will be there
MarionBlack Premium
Click on Training on your profile page and your draft should show up at the bottom of the list with "not yet published" (or something similar) next to it. Click on the title and you should be able to go on from there.
whitsunday Premium
Hi Mike. Try this. Go to profile. Click on ' training' top right of screen. You should see your saved training there. Click on title in drop down to edit or publish.
Go well from Janelle.
betcha Premium
Sometimes it's just a technical problem. Or probably that is just how it is set up when you save. Try to refresh, go back to your training, and check if the publish button comes out. I hope it will. Please let me know for future reference. Who knows it might happen to me someday. Well, thanks for asking. I'm sure there are some who has the same experience as yours. Enjoy!
MikeLong Premium
Couldn't get back to it so far but it is " Saved " somewhere !