QN 1

During the research, there are times when certain paragraphs or images found in other blogs fits what we are trying to convey in our content. How do we add those paragraphs and images in our content without infringing their copyrights?

If we do the following, is it considered as crediting them for their work? (I am not sure how to go about doing this?)
- Can we quote their paragraphs and have link to their website?
- Can we copy and paste the image in our website and have a link to the source in the caption?

If is not enough, what else do I need to do or what is the correct way to do?

If is enough, what other alternative ways can we use beside quoting paragraph or copy and pasting images?

QN 2

We embed in other people youtube or facebook video in our post.

There are some key messages in the video that we want to write in the post.
So, we copy the transcript and add into the post. We tidy it and include only the relevant points. Then we add in more information from our research with the relevant points as a content. Is it considered as my own original content?

Is this kind of post okay? Is including some of the relevant points from transcripts a copyright issue?

QN 3

For instance, the post is about promoting WA.

Inside this post will have some embedded youtube videos about WA,

some paragraphs from some of the WA members from their blog post that is quoted in the content as well as

some images of WA members showing the money they earned from their blog post and their embedded instagram.

In between, I add in some of my own words, adding in some more details and to link all the above items together.

My question is this kind of post okay?
For instance, I write in note form what the Youtube video talk about for WA. and how those relates to the paragraphs and the images.

If what I write is a small portion while the embedded stuffs and quotes make up most of the post, is it okay?

Will Google not like it if there is too many embedded stuffs and quotes in the post?

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bonzo124 Premium
When you take a piece of content from another person just add a link to the original content. You can use screenshots as well or anything you want.

You don't have to be super specific. A link is ok.

You can use the example of Wikipedia. They have links to the resources at the bottom of the page. Personally, I don't have many external links so I add them to the content.

If you want to use resources from Wealthy Affiliate, just add a link to these resources as well, But you want to use your affiliate link to get referrals.

You can find your referral link for each page below the headline.
WaMagic Premium
I see. Thanks so much for your advice!