I was wondering how to add "follow me" links for social media such as Pinterest. I was thinking of putting it in the header. Does anyone know how to do this? If so, where do you suggest I put it? Thanks so much for your help!! Everyone have a great weekend!

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Mary-Elle Premium
Hi, you'll want to use a Plugin for that. I'm currently using Social Pug along with Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post and Pinterest Widgets. Those are all plugins. Your theme will determine where you can place the follow buttons.
ja114 Premium
Hi Bonnie,

You'll want to use a social media sharing plugin. In your WordPress admin, go to Plugins/Add New, then type in "social share" in the search bar on the top right. That will bring up a bunch of options. I use Sassy Social Share, but also had someone recommend the one from Ultimately Social. Check out the descriptions for a few to see which one meets your needs best. Usually better to go with one that has a lot of installs and good reviews, of course.