My next goal is to have 15 articles written for my website. This WILL be done within the next two days.
Currently I have 8 articles on my website.
So do I post the remaining 7 all at once (or within a day or two) or do I spread them out over the next 7 days? I'm trying to get registered for affiliates and wanted them to be impressed by my website

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Aussiemuso Premium Plus
I would spread them out, Cathy. One a day will work better for you in the long run.

jghwebbrand Premium
I would spread them out.
The search engines do like consistency rather than blitzing.

Like your approach to getting content on your site so affiliate programs will be "impressed".
eminentcopy Premium
You can spread them over the week. It's important to be consistent. So you are sure your readers have new articles to read every week.
If you can write every day, good, and if not, write at least twice a week.
I don't do it every day because I can't keep up.
Best wishes.
DivineGood Premium
Hello Cathy,

Whatever you feel comfortable
with and what your time affords
you to do.

My own experience which I was
just surprised too that I was doing
six times a week. Then I reduced
that because of the time I was
allotted to do them.

I am not suggesting you do that
and as I said whatever is comfortable
for you.

Go for it.


JoeRebisz Premium
The general rule of thumb was 2-3 every week, but you should be consistent with whatever number your feel comfortable writing each week :)