I was just kind of researching stuff about Google AdSense and how it could be possible to earn $100 a day from it. One place I went to had a pretty interesting answer. It said that in order to earn that much a day, you need to be averaging at least pretty close to 40,000 people a day in traffic.

It also said that you should be posting at least 200-250 high quality posts to your website a year to help you reach that goal. I thought that was pretty interesting, but it makes sense because the more posts you have, the better your website will be especially if it's good quality content.

I was wondering, especially those who are more experienced here, is 200-250 posts a year for your website a good target to reach? I'm not solely going for AdSense revenue as I'd much prefer sales from affiliate marketing, but it sounds like which ever direction you choose, having that many posts a year for your website would greatly help in both affiliate marketing sales and adsense revenue. In my time here which is 4 years now, I've got a total of about 260 posts on my website. I have a feeling that's probably not good enough, would anyone agree?

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nevrob Premium
There is no limit one way or the other.As many as you can ,the more the better.Some people strive for one or two per week some go for 5 per week.Dont burn yourself out in the process.Have fun.
nsilva2270 Premium
great advice.
JocelynMarc1 Premium
Good quality work and a good Samaritan to others are enough. Money comes later.
Jadatherapy Premium

I have just started here but remember in the training that we should aim for about three posts a week per website.

I am not experienced in this field yet but would think that 260 posts in 4 years is pretty good going.

By my calculations that is around 5 posts a week. So you have been busy.

Keep up the good work.

You can only grow from this.
smartketeer Premium
Hi Brian,

I won't agree ... That's a bit more than 1 post per week ... Which is a LOT of work!

But more importantly: blogging is not mass production! You should always choose quality over quantity ... Which one is better: to publish 2 outstanding and helpful 5.000 word articles in a month, or to create two poor, 300 word patchworks per week?
Defiant6 Premium
That's why I mentioned quality. It said it is possible to produce that many quality articles per year as you want to make sure they are attracting people. I certainly want to believe it's possible, but I don't want to just put articles for the sake of doing it that no one wants to read. That's where a lot of research comes in.
BlSt Premium
That depends on you, but if you can publish even 1000 per year, the better for you. The more the better