Some insight here would be great.

Thanks heaps


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Seahawk8058 Premium
I went to a webinar on just that subject. Bob is right.
But I have also heard that one of the best formats to use is the essay. But rather than expansion, make it as close to the point and easy to read.

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Ventures2000 Premium
What is the purpose. A lead magnet can be as short as an infographic.
An instructional book, report or manual; I shoot for 20+. In depth teaching book you are going to sell, 50-75 good content pages will suggest value.

A novel should be 60,000 to 100,000 words. Hope this helps.
blubutterfly Premium
Oh yes, it will be quite a large book, that is why I was asking. It will cover everything in this niche. From graphs, data to images....I am guessing estimate of 75 pages. :)
mackiejw Premium
The more the merrier

BobBarr Premium
I'd say that depends on the scope of the topic being covered.

If some topic can be covered well in only 5 pages, stretching the ebook to 10 pages just to meet some arbitrary target will dilute the effectiveness of the ebook. (You'd need to include a bunch of unnecessary content just to fill out the page count.)

By the same token, a complex topic could take many more pages to cover effectively. Trying to trim content to reach an arbitrary page limit will compromise your ability to thoroughly cover the topic.
leoemery Premium
Not to be flippant but until you've said what you need to say. I've written books that are only 25 pages long and others that are hundreds. I wrote until I finished saying what I needed t say.