I'm making my very first video on my site, more like an animation, and a little lost. I know exactly what to say and animate, but how long should it be? I was thinking like 2-3 mins, but I'm not sure. Also, do videos on sites rank?

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RonFrey Premium
Hi Jose

Wistia reported a while back that for a video of 4-5 minutes in length, fewer than 60% of your viewers will still be with you at the end, as opposed to 75% for a 1-2 minute video.
The main thing is to :-
#1. Get your message accross clearly and concisely
#2. Don't waffle on
#3. Leave a clear CTA

Hope this helps you with deciding on a suitable length of vid and good luck with your channel
ChrystopherJ Premium
As Martin mentions, the video can be as long or as short as is required.

You will want to use YouTube to host your video within your own Channel. Using the right keywords and description, these can also rank in Google Search Results.

You will want to include your keyword in the video title and first line of the description. Along with your posts URL within the first 3 lines on the description. (Only the first 3 lines are displayed without clicking read more).

You will also want to include rel=0 in the embed code, so that it only shows other videos from your channel and not random videos from across YouTube at the end of the video.

Hope this helps,
mcb247 Premium
As long as your video covers everything the viewer wants then 2-3 minutes would be fine.

Are you adding the video to YouTube and then embedding on your site?

JoseGallegos Premium
No, I wasn’t. Should I?
mcb247 Premium
If you are creating videos you may as well use YouTube as a platform to get exposure. Also having your videos on your own site could create issues with your hosting bandwidth as you get more videos by using YouTube to host your videos this is eliminated.