Once you've written a whole bunch of blog posts, how do you find really old ones? Somebody recently asked me about the "Oz" post from back at the end of September. I can't find it - and it was a pretty good one!! Thanks!!!

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AlexEvans Premium
Just a thought, and it works okay; just put the tittle in the search bar top of your WA home page.

It should come up.

This may sound a little ocd; create a spread sheet, and log your posts URL.in it.

Works a treat, and gives you a good record.
Twack Premium
I can attest to that, it took a while but it's definitely worth it.
Mick18 Premium
Looks like Stanley found it.
Stanleycmng Premium
Looks like you got to go to your profile > Blog >

Scroll all the way down to look for it... Is this it?
IAnum1 Premium
Also type the keywords in the search bar above. It will usually be in the search results