I've been trying to use the WordPress Block Editor, but I'm having trouble trying to change the font size of the contents of the cells within the table (as it keeps line-wrapping when i don't want it to for prices).

Is it possible to do it totally within Block Editor? Or do you have to do something techie like CSS and establish some kind of class for it?


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storynature Premium
Yeah, none of the linked resources addressed changing fonts inside a table.

So it does look like you have to do CSS to change fonts targeting a specific table (Block Editor or not).

I was hoping Block Editor would have made that more intuitive.

Unfortunately, if it's no better than what I've been doing in classic editor, then I guess Block Editor is still not quite there as far as the user-friendliness is concerned.

Thanks for the replies.
PewsChews Premium
Could change it with css. View the page, right click the font you need changed, click inspect, and tell me its div name, and I'll show you some css to add.

Or you could add html into the text itself in the block editor.