I was at the end of a WA Blog post, just adding the tags, when the blog went blank. But I had been saving, right till the end.
Now I can't find the post even among the drafts.
This has happened before, hence I am so strict in saving continually. But obviously this has not helped today.
Can you help me please?

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suzieq Premium
Hi Teboho,
Oh dear. That's frustrating, isn't it?
I've had current work lost but could still access any revisions to reload the previous one.
I don't think I've ever lost the entire draft. I'm assuming you're talking about site content?
Try rebooting or logging out and back in again to see if it's just a glitch.
If that doesn't work, I'd contact Carson by private message to see what can be done.
Good luck,
Teboho9 Premium
Hi Suzanne,
Thanks very much.
It happened with the WA Blog, not Site Content.
I am giving up on the post and I will just post the screenshots that were attached to it.
Warmest regards.