Please, can you help me to frame an attractive short statement when I invite people to Wealthy Affiliate using other social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, etc?

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elhuntley Premium
Hi JohaneG

I just share my blog posts on Facebook and Tweeter with links to WA. I haven't really gotten into the shart statement type stuff yet.

All the best

Mick-D Premium
Make a statement. "Careers in the digital economy are likely to be more stable than a normal job.". " to see why" (link) Click Here.
One option, Link to an article you have done on the statement (landing page), with your affiliate link, or, 2nd option.- link straight to the WA premium link.
I would do an article and link to that. This is a filter. If, by reading your article they click on your WA affiliate link, then it is more likely they are serious about earning online.
nudge1969 Premium Plus
You could create your own post a Johane, but you may find a better option is to answer people's questions. Join Facebook groups about how people can make money online. Many people are asking for good options to make money online. Tell them what Wealthy Affiliate can offer them, an opportunity to build a long term sustainable online business. Explain the tools available, website builder etc. The huge community of support, great training and that they can join for free. Don't forget to use your affiliate link.
JohaneG Premium
Thank you so much Nudge. I can see where I am going now and the importance of asking a question.
Benmajors1 Premium
That’s cool you said that, because I think I’m kinda starting to pick up what they are laying down here at wealthy affiliate. I think I am anyways. Lol
JohaneG Premium
Yes, Benmajors1, we will get there.