I know this may be too much of an asking, but sounds good, right? Or, just a product of my naughty imagination while using the SiteContent Editor.

Kyle, Carson, or to whom it may concern.. Why not include some kind of LSI Keywords Checker in SiteContent Editor?

You know, a feature similar to SEOPressor plugin.

Since it is quite hard to activate the plugin here due to security concern, why not invent something or add something like that in our SiteContent Editor?

If you are a leader or ambassador here, how do you like the idea? Can we bring this up to the WA owners so they can study the idea?

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BradB18 Premium
I am only now familiar with semantics.

I just searched the SEP Pressor plugin and found out a bit about it.
I'm still a little confused regarding the semantics function?
What does it do in SEO?

Thanks, Gomer.


GomMagtibay Premium
If you search the word "semantics", it will just going to confuse you. What we refer to here is LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing, which was launched by Google some years ago.

I'm not an SEO guru, I just understand the basics. To simplify things, it's all about relationship of words or keywords in your site. Like for example, if your site is all about cars, then Google expects other words related to it like "collectors" or "car auctions".. something like that. It deviates from what Yoast is hammering its fanatics on focusing on a single keyword and making that single keyword appear many times in your article (keyword density).

In SEOPressor plugin, there's a real-time monitoring of LSI keywords throughout the article. So, if we can have something like that in our SiteContent Editor, then it would be nice.
AlexFerns Premium
Good suggestion. That would be very helpful.
GomMagtibay Premium
Thank you. If it is possible, then why not? This will make WA the best publishing platform the world has ever seen! :)