Hi there, I was trying to write an article on "colorful computer keyboards for women" and I am getting stuck on what to write. Any suggestions for writing and expanding this article would be greatly appreciated!

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MurphysMom Premium
Hi did you enter the category into Jaxby? Google?
ratlhaganen Premium
Hi Bri!
Color is important and says a lot about the user. I have not seen a lot of color computers but have noticed with other technological tools color brings fun to the user and different colors with a different story or meaning.

You have a look at personality colors, reds for bold, yellows for fun people greens for natural nature-loving, etc.

I once read the clothes you wear reflect the mood you carry for the day. Not sure if it is true but it is interesting to know what kind of text would someone with a white keyboard present is supposed to someone with a black keyboard.

Irishredrose Premium
Thank you that helps A LOT!!!!
CCelest Premium
Hi Brianna,

How about giving the choice of wireless and wired ones. If they are charged or need batteries. Advantages and disadvantages of both. Any specific benefit that one will bring.

Hope this helps.
Irishredrose Premium
Thank you!
jghwebbrand Premium
How about trying these tools for ideas
http://usetopic.com/people-also-ask and Google search scroll down and find "People also ask section"
Irishredrose Premium
Hi there I am looking for actual content ideas, but thanks for your reply.