Before I leave you guys with your busy schedule I would like to ask you to review my lastest Post.
It's about having knowledge about today's full demanding social devices, like Smartphones, Internet and so on.
The URL is:
I would appreciate if you left a Comment and of course tell me if you recognize the scenario I described. Thank you all in advance.

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DawnaO Premium
What CathyS said, you just need to correct the grammar.
Gregory57 Premium
Ok Dawn. I'll be more focused next time. I'll correct the grammar.
nathaniell Premium Plus
I would not be using pink to highlight text - it looks like a link, but it's not. Stick with black across the board for consistency.

Also, I didn't think about this before, but you are using "apple" in yoru domain name, and this may cause you issues down the road since its a copyright. It might not - there are other domains that talk about mac like, but it's something you should consider.
kennnyb Premium
I will;l review your site soon.
Gregory57 Premium
Ok Ken. Take you time man
CathyS Premium
Hi Gregory!

Just a few grammar issues....
rapidly way should be rapid way
which are very popular should be which is

But most importantly ...

Under "Solution" ... you offer none. You have 3 vendors listed but if people are reading your article, then they wouldn't know what do do with these vendors. Suggest providing an internal link here so your visitor can click on it and get what you've led them to believe you have.

The article needs internal links throughout so Google knows people are interested in what you have to say.

Hope this helps and God Bless!
Gregory57 Premium
Thank you Cathy. It will certainly help as always. I'll look asap into it. Thans and G. bless you too.