In your experience may I know.? If I include my real name a full name on my website content, there is no problem?

Am scare of scammer out there, and I don't want to be a victim :)

Pls share me some tips or any.

Thanks in advance.


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ExpatMark Premium
I use mine, I see no problem with it.
Edilberto1 Premium
Thank you bro..
Aussiemuso Premium
A question I needed answering too as I own a domain with my full name.
Great to know.

Lily 😊
Edilberto1 Premium
Yes, you too? :)

You know what, because it could be huge help, and I search Google will like! I feel that.

The scary is, a group of expert SCAMMERS are rounding, and even they entered at WA try to stole people. I feel that too. Even though many scammers. WA has a high secured platform. They immediately detect :)
Edilberto1 Premium
Oh, I love to hear that.. Now, I am well. Thanks Kyle and Edwin. :) my question is answered and I am satisfied. Thank you. Talk soon.

Kyle Premium
I agree, if you feel comfortable using your full name there is nothing wrong with using it. You can however use an alias just your first name, or a completely fictional name (as many famous bloggers, authors, actors, etc use).

You are in full control, it is just a matter of the direction you want to head with your brand.
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Edilberto, I have a domain using my whole name. I’m waiting for the right time to use it.

One of my considerations is to make sure it is hosted on a secure site. I think Wealthy Affiliate provides the secure site I need. Hence I’ll be using WA for hosting.

I’m also a member of LegalShield and IDTheft. They provide protection for social media and websites. If my identity is stolen they will get it back.

Your concerns are valid. Thanks for bringing them up.