We joined WA to learn/improve/get help but are we getting the help we need?.

Today on site comments, a site came up and I felt sorry for the site owner.Now I know for a fact my sites are not great(in my opinion) and I accept that, but this site was sad(lack of better language)

Posts with a sea of words,almost 1000 words but max 4 paragraphs,no space what so ever.This is in the whole site,just a mess, I checked the whole site.Everything is not working and you can see the person does not know or understand what to do or what they are doing.

That`s ok, we can`t all be good,but what disturbed me is that the site has over 130 site comments from WA members which means other members have seen the site and the sorry state it`s in and left comments.

It`s not a single thing on the site, it`s ALOT or almost everything(apart from the writing which is better than mine)that need real work.

Now personally, if I see a site like that,(mostly from new members) I do send them a PM suggesting politely and maybe tactfully to check other sites to see how they can improve things.I do not leave a "well done,great work, keep on" comment as it`s not worth it and not fair.

On this site, I could not send any PM, the member has been here a year, the site is 1 year old,2 posts every week(+-) so I`d look like a mean person if I suggested things could be improved.

Now if I say a site is a mess then believe me it is, I know because I`ve struggled with almost everything.

Please let`s be honest in"helping each other succeed or get better" not only here at WA but in life.What I saw today on that site made me sad.Knowing people are telling the site owner all is perfect or not saying anything is wrong and things need improving.Now I know if you can`t say something good then it`s better to say nothing, but what`s the point telling me all is ok when you know real well all is rotten?

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BrendanB1 Premium
Roamy, totally agree with what you are saying. It is a difficult decision when someone is asking for a comment on their post whether to provide feedback on the their site. As others have mentioned I would only provide the feedback on the site via PM.

I have found that when I have asked for feedback on my site, I get comments like it looks great. Which does not help me improve my site at all. Even if the person goes the extra step of saying what they like, it would be of more use to me.

It would be of greater benefit for us if everyone gave us honest and critical feedback
Ossur Premium
I totally agree, and I wrote a similar blog post a few weeks ago, because I felt that the extremely positive comments I kept getting for my site didn't reflect my results.

When I ask for feedback, I want honest constructive feedback, so that I can actually put it to good use and improve my site.

If everyone is always just patting me on the back with "great site" then how the hell am I ever going to find out why I'm not getting a single conversion?!

A positive remark is great for motivation and as a feel good factor, but honestly, I'd feel much better if I started earning money on my sites, and for me to reach that goal, I need people to tell me the honest to God TRUTH, so I can improve my website. If they don't then how am I ever going to reach my goal?

Occasionally I get some feedback I can use, but it always comes with apologies, as if the ones giving it are afraid to step on someone's toes. It's sad, because those are the comments with actual value.
roamy Premium Plus
Totally agree, people prefer to be nice when leaving website feedback but when they feel there is something that is a must mention, most are apologetic as if they are doing something wrong.
MoritzS Premium
My guess is that this person never really finished the training.
If he did, he should know better. (I say "he". Of course I don't know if it's a he or she.)

I wouldn't leave a comment either and would try to contact him privately.
Don't care how long he has been here.
He's doing it wrong and most likely has little chances of success.

Sometimes it's people like that who give up and blame WA or online marketing in general for their failure.
Even though they didn't follow all the training and tried to do things their own (wrong) way instead.
Marcus1978 Premium
It could also be someone with mental health issues and/or sub-normal intelligence. We can avoid the fact that such people do exist, and some of those will try to start a website.
roamy Premium Plus
Maybe right Marcus,didn`t think of this
roamy Premium Plus
I think (from what I saw) the person finished the free training and nothing more.
I did not have the courage to contact someone who`s been a year here to say "look, you`re still in certification 1" as I felt they will not be as happy because over 100 people from here were already on the site and said nothing.
botipton Premium
I agree with you. If you do not have something good that you really mean then don't say anything. In the appropriate place and time mention what you think would help. Comments on the site are not the place and like you mentioned try to send them a message.

Just leaving a comment so you can get a link or a comment back when you don't mean what you say is not right.
roamy Premium Plus
This time, I did not leave a comment, could not as I felt it will be a lie even leaving a comment.
jmaurice Premium
I totally agree. This is not the place for false truths. You are not doing any any good when give them a well done and you know better.

The message the site delivers may be great, but if the vehicle carrying the message is crap it never be delivered or heard.
roamy Premium Plus
True,there are sites you`ll visit and say F the info they have, I'm looking somewhere else and this was one of those sites and I find it sad.
As you say, the content might be great but a reader will only know this after reading it, and as the site is, I see most people turning off and leaving as soon as they enter the site.
Now I remember when I first came online in 1999,this was acceptable or tolerated as there was not much info out there so you had to appreciate a site with great info but poor everything else, now this is not the case anymore and we have to be really on top to have people stay on the site long enough to look at your posts.