I would like to here from former or present Ambots about their Amway experience and why they quit or are you still brainwashed by the system.



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JMONKS Premium
What's amway got to do with WA anyway!
Dan-L Premium
I did reviews on both Amway and Herbalife. I'm looking for reactions and opinion on Amways business model.
BigDaddyFred Premium
Hi Dan:

Been in many MLM's, Amway (Quixtar), Excel, Herbal-life, Melaleuca, phone cards (my first one) and I have absolutely no complaints.

I learned a lot and especially that those who followed the program teaching and worked the hardest made the most money.

Most of the people I have met that have anger and deep regrets are people who believed unauthorized lies by sponsors and entered these programs because they really believed you could do nothing, or next to nothing and get rich beyond our wildest dreams instantly.

If i broke even over the years, great. If I lost a bunch of money, great! Good experience and training is worth money. I know that I am not in the least bitter, have wonderful friends to this day who I met in MLMs and wouldn't change a thing.
BrooklynPhil Premium
Didn't we just do this for Herbalife?
Let me give you just my opinion of products like Herbalife or Amway. Usually the products are so good that they practically sell themselves. You just have to get people to try them.

The easiest way to do that is;
-Try them yourself.
- If you Like them... tell somebody else.

That happens to be exactly what I do with the products I recommend on my website.

If the products and the company really stink they won't be in business for too long. Both of these companies have been around for decades.
Just my Opinion.
cswan Premium
Away like any other MLM is a number game. The more downline you have, then you can profit from it.
skyhigh49 Premium
Honestly, I don't think Amway is bad. I just found a better opportunity. Amway is to the MLM industry what a general practitioner is to the field of practicing physicians. You have your general practitioner and you have your specialist.