I have been playing around with a few different methods of creating videos to use in various aspects of my business. Obviously Facebook advertising platform somehow found out about this because I seem to suddenly be getting bombarded with ads about video making software!

One thing that has caught my eye is a software product that allows you to create "Doodle Videos" and I just wondered if anyone has ever used something like this and how you got on with it?



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timstime20 Premium
I like Lumen5
It’s not doodle but it’s helped me with a few videos ..
Triblu Premium
Hey Dave,

That software is pretty pricey, and given that the later versions of PowerPoint has made creating videos so much easier, think I'll pass on Doodle videos for now, though I have to admit, they are cute.
BobMargroff Premium
Hi Dave...I have the lower end Doodly. Still playing around to figure out what I need to do with it.

I haven’t figured it out yet...but once I do...I will try to remember and post a training on it.

I wish you the best!

sotiris1 Premium
Yes, I have used Doodly it works well though is not as quick as hitting the record button or doing a powerpoint video, they do however look the part :-)
Dave07 Premium
Thanks Sotiris. I'm interested that you think they look the part. I just can't make my mind up about what I think of them. Was just wondering if anyone had had any feedback from customers about their doodle videos...
Tmgreen Premium
That's something I've been looking at too. One I've looked at is doodly.com which starts at $67, and there are others. Just Google it. There a lot of YouTube videos as well.


Dave07 Premium
Yes I think that's one of the softwares I've been looking at. I was just wondering if you had any feedback from customers/clients about what they think of doodle videos