See image in my 1st commemt below

Recently, I received an error report that says that my content can't be published.

Has anyone else had this issue recently?

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Recently I had that problem. The publish button seemed frozen. Thinking that there could be a problem with my laptop, I saved the document that I wanted published and when I tried again later, the problem had disappeared. I was able to publish my post normally. I just don't knoww what causes the issue.
DroGodina Premium Plus
Try saving your work and posting it again at a later time?

I recognize whether or not you're probably using it as the MAIN template for your content; if posting's the only issue but you can still save it, I'd recommend saving it for now.

I actually haven't used SiteContent yet; but if it's your FIRST time with this issue, just ask them. ;)

You could also save what you have into a text document (Microsoft Word/etc.) and put it back to try again later; just some ideas. ;)

Again, they'll probably be able to help you better than I know how to in this case, so just message them if you haven't yet.

Best of luck!
SylviaChrist Premium
I haven't had this issue, but two unpublished posts have disappeared, one with about 700, the other about 900 words. Site report thinks that I haven't saved them, but I always do after each paragraph. So many working hours, just gone.
I will see you later if I get that problem. I will write 2 posts today.
Blessings, Sylvia
Nancy20 Premium
Might suggest you build your posts in Word on your computer first and copy and paste into Site Content. You can add block editor features afterwards. This way you always have a backup of posts on your computer. Sorry you lost so much.

SylviaChrist Premium
Thank you very much, Nancy! The site support did suggest the same. I will do so from now on. :)
Jon456 Premium
I have had internal system error come Up when I’ve tried to post comments lately
daviyo90 Premium Plus
Sounds odd, Site Support is your best option for fixing this problem