Hello WA friends,

I was wondering if anybody could help me out with an image issue I'm having. I am trying to insert multiple images, about 3 or 4, horizontally across the post I'm working on right now. I am also trying to include links below each of these images as well.

Does anybody have experience with this or know how to help and/or direct me?

thank you in advance!

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ZayK Premium
I used the block editor in my wordpress instead of the classic editor. It allows you to add columns which can be images and you can even label the images.
dano81 Premium
I will give that a shot next time I do a post....

thanks for your help!
teguhyuli Premium
To solve your issue, you can try some front end builder plugin. Usually, I use these plugin:
- shortcode ultimate
- elementor

Both of them it's useful to beautify your website. And no worries, it's easy, because this plugin use the drag and drop, and no coding required.