I noticed a published article on my website when I went to edit thru site content on WA it took me to Wordpress. Will those new changes I made on Wordpress transfer back to site content? I added new content to an already published article and I didn't see those changes when I went back in to Site Content on WA.

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

No once published from site content, editing/updating has to be done in WordPress. It is one way stream.

So in answer to your question, no it does not update in site content as well when edited and updated in WordPress.

To elaborate

If you edited a document in site content and published it, future edits has to be done in WordPress. Site content and WordPress work independently.

I'd place my images in a document in site content and publish it to my site. it will be added to my WordPress media library. Then delete the “temporary image” doc in site content so that it does not get indexed as well.
Bob76 Premium
Thank you Abie! Great information I really appreciate it!
AbieAJ Premium Plus
So very welcome.