Hello everyone.

I have been indexing my articles for some time via GSC and have written around 100 articles. Although I successfully index through GSC, get the "indexed email" by WA after some hours, BUT when I check myself on google search bar - it is not indexed...
Can anyone tell me if I may have an index issue or why my articles do not get indexed??
What else can I do to index my articles please?
Thanks very much:)

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YvonneBray Premium
Hi looks like your question has been answered below.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, Trish got you covered.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hope you get it resolved sooner.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I hope you get it all sorted out, Farah!

lesabre Premium
Hi Farah, since about mid-December I have been having problems getting my posts indexed. I even do the manual submission in GSC.
If I see a comment from Triblu, I usually follow what she has to say. I will be using the links she has given to investigating why my posts are not getting indexed.

Don't get discouraged and keep writing articles.

All the best,
Triblu Premium
Hey Farah,

How did you search for your post in Google's search bar?
Like the following?

When asking Google "how to get my posts indexed" (without the quotation marks, of course), I found the following guides that you may benefit from consulting.


Hope you find this helpful.