Hi everyone, I was just wondering....when it comes to reviews. Obviously, not all products and services are only positive.

Some reviews you write may be negative, perhaps not appreciated by the particular company you are writing about.

Do you write negative reviews? Or do you choose to avoid writing negative reviews?

Is it common for companies to take action when they are reviewed, not positively?

Looking forwards to hear people experience this.Thank you for sharing.


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YvonneBray Premium
Hi Jude, I try to keep a balance; if I have used the product, I state I used the product and say in my opinion. But if I have never used the product, I would take care of what I say, and I would say in response to previous customer reviews.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Excellent points that you make here, Jude! I myself tend to tread lightly in that department!

JeannineC Premium
Some companies may take action if they don't like your review. Not all end up as serious as this one, but Kyle & Carson certainly went through a lot to defend their negative opinion of another company.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
I write negative reviews, and what I'll say is not legal advice or anything, but generally:

Don't write anything that you can't prove (user experiences with whatever you review are best, but you should provide screenshots of this proof if you say something negative.

You can also be more "PC" about it and say things like "in my opinion I don't like this because of so and so (provide proof)". Don't call anything a scam if you can't actually prove it.
Jude81 Premium
Great, thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.

Triblu Premium
Hey Jude,

My reviews are written though I am speaking to a good friend. If a product FAILS I state that and I make sure to say "in my opinion" so that I am legally allowed to stated how I feel about the product and why.

Adding links to back up my claims is most important to me, whether I write positive reviews or negative reviews. I keep my reviews as thoughtful as possible and not throwing stones... so to say.

Thought Kyle covered this in his training.

Hope you find this helpful.
Jude81 Premium
Thanks, Trish, I appreciated your insight.

I hope you are well.