Do you think this is okay to be disapproved for your sex, your lack of experience in a subject as a factor (I don't about you, but do you research every subject you comment on or do you trust the writer's research so you can make an informed and encouraging comment), or because of asking questions ( If they didn't ask for questions, I get that).
to engage with the writer?

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SondraM Premium
Where did you get disapproved? That might give me a little more context on what this applies to. Are we talking about Site Comments ?

If it is site comments, they can choose to disapprove your comment if they can not understand your comment. Some people disapprove comments that are not relevant to their post.

So, yes it can be a challenge to write a good comment if you are not familiar with their topic.

Sometimes your sex might play into your inability to write a good comment.

An example someone made the other night was from a guy. He said it is very hard for him to comment on breast pumps for nursing mothers. If he tried, his comment would most likely be disapproved unless he mentioned doing some research for his wife.

Likewise, there are some topics geared towards guys that a female might have a hard time writing a good response to. A female is not that person's target audience.

Best wishes.
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi Sondra,
Thanks for your thoughts. Well done.
I agree with everything you said.
You said, "it can be a challenge to write a good comment if you are not familiar with their topic". Hopefully, this challenge makes us better writers. Better writers=better content=more customers (Ain't that one of the mottos here at WA).
Isn't this the whole point of commenting on the post the writer has written in the first place.
Almost every comment I have ever offered is about a topic or subject I am not familiar with. I am familiar with it when I am done the reading and commenting on the post, especially when the writer has researched and taken the time to present a quality post. I have learned so much from posts I never knew existed. I love this part of commenting on other people's posts. It is so cool to see the passions people have about so many different niches. I don't just want to comment on stuff I already know about. I want to learn about other websites, but I don't want to be punished/disapproved because of my lack of experience on a topic.
There needs to be some kind of filter available if you don't want comments from certain groups of people.
If you knew you were going to be disapproved before you wrote a comment, would you still spend the time and energy to write that comment?
Some people are getting disapproved because they don't have experience using a product. Let me ask you this Sondra, do you have experience in every product or post you have ever commented on?
People that use Google to read research done by other researchers. That is a big part of what goes into building your own authoritative website. When we build a website we want people to trust the writing and research we have done about a subject.
That's what writing with authority means.
Thanks for your thoughts.
The "site comments" needs to be tweaked.
SondraM Premium
You have made some great points. I am no longer a certified commenter, but I was for about three months. So, I have commented on 100's of posts. I learned so much.

Granted, some of them were very difficult to comment on. On a handful of occasions, I had to do more internet research on the topic before I could even figure out how to comment.

There were a few posts that I simply refused to comment on. I would shut down the program for the night.

No,I would never take the time to comment on a post if I thought that I would be disapproved. I probably got lucky. I only had one comment disapproved. It was disapproved because the person got too many comments and she/he was afraid they would have to pay for the extra ones that came in.

It is never to fun to have one disapproved, especially after you take the time to read it and write the best comment in return. On the one I had disapproved, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to say about some sort of cat devise. It was a cat door if I remember correctly.

If you were to sort through all of my WA posts, you will see that I try to be a member that works to make sure that 1. People that comment on my posts know they are appreciated. 2. To remind others to appreciate the people that take the time to write comments. 3. To occasionally give people tips that will help people be able to write better comments.

I am concerned that some people have unrealistic expectations with regards to the comments they want to receive. Yet, at the end of the day - we have to concentrate on what we can control.

For me that is writing content for my website. I hope you can do the same also. I think you are going to do amazing on with your website if you can pour your energy and enthusiasm into it.

I hope that you have a great weekend.

p.s. Sorry this got so long. Good night.
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi Sondra,
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate your well-thought-out comments.
I don't mind if you went long. As you can tell, I tend to do the same thing. It means you care. It takes time and effort to write a reply like you did.
I know it can't be perfect (WA site comments). But it seems better (in my opinion) when we treat each other as people instead of just numbers on the internet.
I know it is hard to connect with people from the keyboards of a computer, but we can try and sometimes it happens, two people sharing thoughts and ideas one to one.
I can tell you like the interaction between people as well. I understand a lot of people don't feel the same way and that is okay. We'll leave that at that.
You nailed it here, "pouring our energy and enthusiasm" in making our websites the best they can be is our goal and dream.
The quality of our writing content or comments is not based on one's person disapproval. It's based on working hard, studying hard, gathering good research, and creating well-written words that are easy to understand. But most importantly, especially for me, I always want to hang little pieces of my heart on my written words.
This might not be realistic, but it something sweet to hope for.
Sondra, thank you so much. I am looking forward to reading some of your writings here at WA and on your website.
In fact, what is your website? I would like to check it out.
Fasuan Premium
Some writers are very strict, some will even disapprove your comment for having humour.
It's not okay to disapprove one's comment based on gender, but if the topic and content is feminine, expecting a contribution from a male will be thin except he's offering an experience he witnessed.
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi Fasuan,
Thanks for your reply. I agree with you. If the topic or content is feminine, then they have every right to disapprove. If that is truly the case, then there needs to be some kind of filter where they can say they only want comments from women or whatever target group they want (we have to be careful about this stuff).
Most people work hard at writing well written and engaging comments. If you are a guy, it stings when you are disapproved because someone doesn't want male comments.
If a guy knows he will get disapproved because he is a guy, then he would not waste time to write a comment on something he doesn't have a chance to get approval no matter how good his comments may be.
Thanks for your thoughts,