Hey everyone,
I have indexed my articles (before the incident) through Google Search Console, checked that they are indexed in my contents page(WA) and saw the 'G' symbol next to my articles for confirmation of articles indexed...

However, I have been emailing Google Ad's and they confirmed that this is not the case!! Only 1/4 of my articles are indexed (hence rejecting my application) and told to get help from webmaster forum for indexing my articles?

Has anyone been having indexing issues?
How to overcome and fix?
Why does it take so long to index pages?

Many thanks,

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philmedia Premium Plus
Great advice from Mick, you can always double check if your posts are indexed in the console. You have some great answers. Good luck, Phil
davehayes Premium
I do as Mick does and have done for a while now
YvonneBray Premium
I do the same as Mick below in Google Console.
Mick-D Premium
Hi Farah,
At the moment all I do in Google Console is submit the new link as usual. Although I cannot request Indexing I click on "Test Live URL" it might take a minute, and it should come back that the URL is available to Google.
And I leave it at that. It is about all you can do at Google at the moment.
You are still able to submit URL's to Bing with no problems. I find their new webmaster site quite good.

Hope this helps in some way.

Nikola99 Premium
Try or try a new email