QUICK QUESTION: If I discover an interesting success story here in WA and decided to feature that story in my own site, do I need to ask permission first from the focus person before I start blogging about that person?

When we blog about companies, we usually are not required to ask permission first before we start telling people good things about that company... and it usually ends up the company thanking us.

How about blogging something positive about a person here?

Extra publicity, plus a backlink.

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jvranjes Premium
Everything published in blogs can be shared. So you do not need permission but I would ask.
WilliamBH Premium
A agree .. I think it is good manners to ask :)
CateR Premium
I think you should write up the blog and send it to the person to be okayed before you publish...... Don't think anyone would object to good publicity - but folk like to be asked. (It makes them feel .... appreciated.)
NatNiches Premium
You don't have to, but nice if you do just let them know as well. I'm sure most people would be happy to feature in a positive story.
JudeP Premium
I think it's just good manners to run it by the person first to be honest :)
GomMagtibay Premium
Okay, I appreciate your points here. Almost all of you here (the respondents) replied with the suggestion of asking the person first for manners' sake.