Recently feedback stated my blogs have to be at least 1000 words.

I believe a 1000 word blog on a toy niche for target audience of children and young adults is too long.

Is blog content length a hard and fast rule?



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enriquetrips Premium
Nothing is set in stone. However, it is my understanding that posts between 1,000-1,500 words rank better on Google and fare better with their readers.
ChristineDu1 Premium
Teenagers and children do prefer shorter texts, I agree. I think, though, that Google ranks longer content better, that's what I have been told. Can anyone confirm that?
Hamlet72 Premium
I definitely concur with Christine Google goes like longer content and ranks higher in search engines
Carson2 Premium
I've heard it's a good idea. I run around 1200.
Makinitwork Premium
Thank you Carson for your input. If its for children to read I'll make it between 600 and 1000. But for adults it will be 1000 and over. Thank for helping me cheers Jen
Palatia Premium
1000 words is a good target. My Rank Math SEO plugin says minimum of 600 words.

Makinitwork Premium
Thank you Palatia, my target audience are children, teens and young adults. However, I have a section for Mum's of kids with special needs looking for safe and effective toys for their children. So I think 1000 is ok there. For teens and young adults my blogs will be shorter but above 600.

Thank you for your input. Much appreciated cheers Jen
etseil20 Premium
Not necessarily, but I recommend it. 1000 words or more can help with long-term site growth and search engine rankings.

I always shoot for 1000 words, but sometimes my posts can be a little less than that. It's okay if you have a shorter post every now and then. I know some people aim for 1500-2000 words. It all depends on the niche.

I'm not too familiar with the toy niche, so maybe long articles may not be needed.

When I write content, I always do some free writing and outlining before then, and I make a plan to write more than 1000 words (just in case my posts end up being too short).

I hope that helps; all the best!