Hey there WA team! Got an idea I'm unsure of, so asking for your insight on this!

I know the starter courses by Kyle teach you to avoid the overuse of affiliate links and the focus should be putting them on product reviews, as well as linking other posts to those particular reviews, instead of putting affiliate links everywhere.

But given the context of my website, I'm starting to think it could be beneficial to put certain affiliate links of several "best of" posts for example.

What's your take on this? Do you guys put links exclusively on reviews or you've been adding links to other posts and never had trouble with Google?

Most of my "best of" posts/lists are pretty comprehensive and have plenty of information to at least point the visitor in the right direction.

An example would be this one: https://shoesforhire.com/best-nike-basketball-shoes-optimal-...

I break down the 9 best basketball shoes from Nike, detailing their strong points, possible drawbacks, and also additional notes people should know before buying.

This alone could be enough for some people to make a decision, so perhaps it might be a good idea to put links for the top shoes mentioned in the list? I feel like I might be missing out on potential sales as not everyone tends to care about the full review.

Of course, I'm mostly concerned by Google, as I don't want to stuff links everywhere, but I'm interested to know what you do in situations like these?



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YvonneBray Premium
Hi Julius I insert internal links to connect between my posts when relevant and I use external links when I need to link to an affiliate like Amazon when relevant. On one of my posts I have some products on led lights and I listed a few and still got indexed. I agree with Jaz.
Jaz333 Premium
Personally I would use those 'Best of' posts as an opportunity to add more dimension and cross referencing to the site by putting in internal links. I would write a review post for each of the 'best of' items and add the affiliate link into each of the reviews and use internal links from the actual 'best of' post to each review post.

I don't think there is a 'wrong' way to do it however, so like Dale said, if it will be beneficial to your readers, go ahead and test it out and see how it converts.

Best, Shannon
Hackerist Premium
The following post from Adam, a successful blogger, will help:


Dale123 Premium Plus
Here's the deal:

If it will be beneficial to the visitor, YES, do it.

If you are doing it purely because you want to try get more clicks to your links & it will prevent the visitor from getting access to all of the information they may need, DON'T do it.

JuliusKR Premium Plus
Awesome, well put Dale!

I'll definitely approach this with this mindset, will test some things out and see how it goes.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, have not done ourselves but have seen it done elsewhere, you can only tell by testing and see if it works.

The recommendation is an affiliate link every 500 words.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Dale has a very valid point.

Thank you so much for the question, you just gave us another angle. Really well appreciated.