Hey guys, I have a question about creating good content in niches you don't know anything about.

Affiliates work on many different niches. some niches they don't know anything about, for example a man doing affiliate work for makeup supplies or hair styling tools. what do they do to create a content that attracts good deal of traffic and in the same time doesn't create copyright problems. like if I wanted to create a tutorial post, I can rewrite the words to make it my own but pictures and videos or even the method that is being taught belongs to some other website. how to avoid having copyright issues?

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MahlaM Premium
first of all thanks for your answers guys. let me be more specific. I currently chose knitting and crochet supplies as my first project. good content in this niche is mostly tutorials and how to-knitting projects. well I'm not an advanced knitter to produce such contents myself. I can rewrite the tutorials to make it my own but where can I get project's pictures and videos that are ok to use in my website?
feigner Premium
so why not target beginners so you can use your own images...and show that it is ok to make mistakes and how to correct them...
you can then progress onot the advanced stuff when you are ready....
so write your own tutorials...you may say there are plenty out there, but not by you...
you will put your own spin on it and have your own style so may gather a crowd....
just thoughts....
you don't have to be an expert, just one step ahead of who you are teaching
TheAbie Premium Plus
You can indeed embed share in you posts relevant video content you either upload yours to YouTube and then embed share in your website or use other people's content however you are not allowed to edit and you need check if they have embed share.

Same for images you either can use your own or choose from am image library.

You can either access via site content area - websites tab top menu


I click the highlighted mountain button. Or
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - if you are not an advanced knitter but essentially "pretending" you are, and that you are writing tutorials as though they are based on your own experience, what would happen if your readers asked you specific questions?

Maybe they might ask for a different image or a close-up of what you are doing. If you are writing for advanced knitters, they will ask advanced questions!

And what if you take images from lots of other (copyright-free) sites and the hands are quite different in each of them? So, it's clearly not you but several different people.

It's not really a good idea to try and deceive your readers. As Phil has said, why not target beginners who are at the same level as you? And take your own photos, for a true step-by-step tutorial.

There will always be a demand for something that people want to learn from scratch who have no previous experience.
phil1944 Premium
Copyright relates to the actual words and images being used, so the answer is to a) rewrite the words and b) use different copyright free images from a site like Pixabay.
TheAbie Premium Plus
You may consult with https://answersocrates.com/ - You can search what real people are asking as in Questions, Prepositions, Comparisons, in the past, letters and query. It is also great if someone wants to write a thorough research based article.

Other sources include https://Quora.com, https://Answers.com, https://AnswerThePublic.com, YouTube search engine etc.

You may research other peoples work however all content must be originally written in your own words.
Kiersti1 Premium
I suggest using pictures that are your own or from sites that allow free pictures. For me, I just use pictures that are my own or pictures on here that we are allowed to use. As for the videos use your own or use YouTube as that's allowed. Then make sure to do your research on your niche. After right own work and I suggest posting a link to site you used. Only if using there information. Good luck.
jghwebbrand Premium
Yes, you can do research. Here are some ideas of what you can do.

Use manufacturers site, Youtube videos, Competition sites, reviews (if Amazon sells it you can get ideas from them). learn enough about the topic so you can formulate your own writing style and opinions. Also turn features into benefits.

You are allowed to use anothers Youtube in your site because it is their channel URL and they usually have their website URL displayed in the video.

As for images you can use manufacturers site, WA search has several posts listing sites with free images and then images used on affiliate program site; Make sure free images are royalty tree