I am trying to stick to creating product reviews as roughly 1 in 3 or 1 in 2 of my posts, the other posts being purely content. However, because my website is about music, product reviews fit nicely into most posts I write. I wrote a post earlier about a specific sub-genre of music but didn't include any reviews as I am concerned about having too many posts with affiliate links in them. Am I missing out by NOT including affiliate links or is it safer to stick to what I'm doing and not put too many in?

I was thinking of putting an internal link in but then this will create another post with affiliate links! I am trying to avoid putting reviews on pages as I feel it will get messy but then this means all my reviews are in my blog. Any recommendations as to how I deal with this? Thanks!

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mickeyb123 Premium
There is nothing wrong with having up to two or three links in each post/page. It is better to have that link be an internal one as opposed to external.

Recommendation: All reviews under a 'reviews' tab

Leave the posts as quality 'about' stuff.

Remember, whether post or review, to utilize keywords in appropriate ways, especially as 'anchor text'

Ali-M Premium
Dear Louise, I wanna share my personal view for this issue. Personally I create 1 review for each general post. It means 1=1. All my review posts include aff links and all my general posts are linked to a review (what is also suggested in WA training).
If you write review for one product, don't put more than 4, 5 aff links over there and it's totally ok if you make internal link first then link to a review. I hope this helps and this is what I personally do.

Louise2812 Premium
Thanks Ali. So do you suggest now creating a product review post that is linked to the post I have just written?

Do all your posts show in your blog role?

Thanks so much for your help :)