Hello, Chinese to write English articles have difficulty, simple can also, but high-quality, attractive difficult, how to solve this problem?

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Eliteme Premium
Hi Wencheng, the question you have is realistic. Chinese is also my first language, English being second. Thus I can understand your feeling and I also agree with you. I think we don't have to be a perfect writer to start writing, in fact, we will improve as we continue writing. Just don't be shy and afraid to make errors and mistakes, we can always return to our blog posts on our website to refine them later. There is no problem and this shouldn't be the concern not to start building your website.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any other concerns. I will try my best to help.

I wish you all the best.

wen946849 Premium
AparnaBansal Premium
There are bots that can help u in writing good English content. Please google for a free bot and try it out.
EmakAmelia Premium
Ni hao Wencheng,

I can understand your difficulty. I am a non-native English speaker myself.

There are some tools you can use to help you with writing English content:
- Grammarly. You can try the free version. Add the extension to your browser. If you use Google Chrome, you can add it to your browser's extension. Google: Grammarly Google Chrome extension.

- Hemingway editor. This is a free site that will also help you in your writing. Just paste your draft to it and it will give you ideas if the sentences are hard to read, etc.

- To get ideas of what to write, you can use answerthepublic.com and https://www.usetopic.com/people-also-ask
You can just type in the topic to the search bar, click enter, then it will generate ideas for you.

As Jeannine suggested to you in her comment, it would also be helpful if you could find someone who can review your articles. In the meantime, keep writing, keep practicing.

Use an app like Palfish to practice your English. I know many Chinese people use that kind of app to practice their English.

You can do it! Jia you!!

wen946849 Premium
thank you very much
EmakAmelia Premium
You're very welcome.
JeannineC Premium
You can either hire someone to write the articles for you, hire someone to edit the articles for you, and meanwhile keep studying English to strengthen your skills. Do you have a friend that's proficient in English, who could review your articles?
AbieAJ Premium
Have you tried grammarly.com ? That may be a resolution.
wen946849 Premium
Thank you very much