I've recently found quite a few content ideas from different articles online thanks to setting up Google Alerts and I was wondering about citing or putting an entire article in my blog post.

What I mean by that, is it ok to copy an article in by blog post, but cite where it came from and include the link to it? I would obviously put my own content in my blog post, but my own content would be targeting what the article is about saying whether the stuff it talks about really can help your or not.

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mbouteiller Premium Plus
Please do not copy someone else's article. Write your own complete original article and make reference to it with an external link.
LMH1968 Premium Plus
No.you will be penalized by Google in a big way.
JeannineC Premium
No, absolutely not. A sentence, perhaps two, but not an entire article. If you like the info that much, write an article using it, but never copy an entire article, even if you cite it.
feigner Premium
you can reference the other article but not have a copy of it on your site
so you could talk about what they talked about so
'xx says yyy, but i think that ......'
and include a link back to it...
but definitely not copy the article onto your site.
it needs to be unique content
anusuya1 Premium
I would put the link to the article you like to add.