I´m just wondering. Is my understanding correct that we can always use youtube videos on the web page we are building? I´m thinking about it´s legal to do it, right?

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Rocwell Premium
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Ken-Pringle Premium
As long as there is a share button. You can use them.
mijareze Premium
I don't see why not.
techhound Premium
As long as YouTube makes available the embed code you can use it. Although rare, some video owners on YouTube will challenge you on copyright issues even though YouTube clearly states in its TOS that videos uploaded to YouTube are done with the implied consent that they can be shared as long as it's done via the YouTube embed code. YouTube does give those owners a provision to remove the embed code.

Technically, YouTube could ignore those few video owners and let all videos be shared but since it happens so rarely they probably just don't want the hassle of fighting a select few. Therefore, if you don't find an embed code, it's probably wise to move onto another video that does include one.
PjGermain Premium
Sure, I have youtube videos on most of my sales pages. They work great to help with SEO since Google now owns YouTube.
Noteboom Premium
Ok, good. The I was correct, just want to be sure.
hotboxdeals Premium
definately good to know