Here is the copy of his message.
DavePaton Monday September 20, 2021 03:51 PM

Hi Stephen, my name is David.

I have been almost killed in a serious car crash in which I sustained an extremely severe, traumatic brain injury. I have almost finished writing an inspirational and motivational story about my recovery. I thought that you might be interested in checking my site out as we all go through times in our lives when we need a little inspiration or motivation. The website is

Don’t forget, if you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox, you will need to go into the spam folder of your email account and move an email from my site, such as the confirmation email, to your inbox. After you do this, don’t delete this email and this will create rules that mean other emails from my site should go to your inbox and not go to the spam folder.

Thanks for supporting me by visiting my site,

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

It doesn't make sense.
StephenThiam Premium
Thanks for response and support. Does WA check this kind of publishing? I hope Kyle and Carson should notice this kind of message. There are many WA guards I know, but where are they now.