After careful consideration I have decided to start doing some product reviews on my sites. I have searched here and I see lots of templates which is great. But what I am looking for is a real live example.

So if you send me a link it wont be spamming. I just want to do it right.

Thanks in advance.

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carolbinger Premium
Check Level 3: Lesson 6
Kyle did a real live example.
jvranjes Premium
Didn't you see it Kyle's lessons?
DaleMaz Premium
Im going to have to go back and find it.
PatsyC Premium
Hi Dale, I followed how Kyle showed us in the lessons if that helps.
I only have the one so far.

I won't leave my link here, I'm not sure if we are allowed. I know we can't leave the link for our websites unless there is a problem with it. Besides, if you are aware of Kyle's in the training and don't want it that way, then there is no point.
LesaJ Premium
Have you looked at Kyles review on the vita-mix that he shows in the training? I have two on my site, but I am kind of a newbie so I can't say they would be the perfect example.
Triblu Premium
Hey Dale,

Here is Google search results sharing great examples:

Hope this helps you.