I have been gone from WA for 2 years due to health issues. I'm back with a new website name. My prior articles on still here that I published on old website. Can I use them on my new website?

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Newme202 Premium
It would not be duplicat content because only one site is active.

I would do what Muslimah suggested, update the post either with something that will add value interns of words , video or images

Then submit my URL to Google console and Bing.
That will be the correct step in the right direction
eminentcopy Premium
You can but you need to keep the original URL and publish an updated post with a new URL .
JeffreyBrown Premium
Is the old site still active?
TNewkirk Premium Plus
JeffreyBrown Premium
If you have all the work, you could possibly copy and paste it over to your new site. If the old site doesn't exist, then theoretically, there should be nothing indexed in Google anymore! This my take though. I could be totally off base!