What's the proper avenue to file an appeal regarding SiteComments?

I have 0% Skip Rate, 100% Approval in SiteComments (because I take this seriously and honestly) until someone disapproved my comment, because my comment was along the lines of, I have nothing to read.... (because he/she has no content!) I mean come on, what would I comment on "Hello, World?" and "Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!"

Emperor's New Clothes? -- I don't like it. I don't think I paid this platform to fool myself. I'm not doing SiteComments for money. SiteComments is my favorite in WA because I learn about what to do (and not to do) in my website, on top of learning about the world through everybody's posts. English is not my first language, but I try my best in writing comments.

I could have accepted the site owner's reason for disapproval if he/she said: I didn't like the comment. Period. But his/her reason was along the lines of, "this is not what I asked for, focus on content." It's just... appalling. I admire those who still commented on that website.

I know it sounds petty, but it's just too funny not to share, and too appalling for a supposedly value-based platform. I like commenting on and visiting SiteRubix sites for obvious reasons, but asking for comments for a no-content website just undervalues what this platform has to offer, and insults what Kyle has been imparting in the training.

So, what are your thoughts?

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sahasrara Premium
Thank you, @JKulk1 for your comment. I honestly am on the brink of feeling gaslighted.

It's a sigh of relief, because at least from my perspective, it's not just about a petty rating, but it's actually more than that.

It's downright manipulation of the system and I don't think dismissing it would be right and just for every member. I believe that someone's rights should never be detrimental to another. And groupthink is equally detrimental.

Sure we can dismiss a poorly written article, or edit a lousy comment, but to take off something from someone (not to mention Premium member) just because you want traffic for a non-existent/contentless post? Come on. How's that for site trust? Google is getting intelligent by the day! :-0

WA is reviewed as hosting lousy websites generating non-related comments for traffic. Sure the best writers/veterans here can PR that. But really, do we like awfulness to propagate? (just throwing a rhetorical question out in the universe)

If this spam-like behavior gets tolerated, they will replicate like a virus, and we are all accountable. Vigilance comes with a social price, if I may say.

If that disapproval reason seems rational, then I don't know if SiteComments is a real deal as I initially perceive it to be. Turn a blind eye for what, dollars? Wiw, my third world sensibilities are shookt. Honestly, I got irked because the commenters on that post are the best certified commenters I've seen. They commented on my site too and hands down, they don't deserve just pennies. And they don't deserve to be served with a zero-character post right smack in the middle of their momentum.

What makes it important to reach out to this person--kinda condescending and less compassionate to call out someone how not to be himself, perhaps? But hey, why not. I am willing to do so and say hello, world! Hihi. (Teach me, how do I find thee? I hope he/she reads this)

Anyway, I messaged Kyle already. It's the right avenue, I presume. I asked the community to confirm "there's no way," "let it pass" before I hit the Contact Kyle button. I am hoping for a response (for grounding), if not action. Thank you everyone. Much love to the Ambassadors.

I vote for world peace too, and I appreciate the discussion. I also don't like to get out of this platform sooner and write a super duper honest honest review of WA just because I strongly uphold a value perhaps inherent of an idealistic newbie. Hehe.


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A. The post - Would like this to be win-win, how do I adjust?
B. From zero to WA Ambassador, how constructive is this feedback?
JKulk1 Premium
I don't understand why anyone would ask for comments on a 'No content' site.

It is something I would contact Kyle/Carson about.

I agree with you, it shouldn't be possible to ask for a comment unless you have an actual article to comment on.

I would wonder about their motive.

All the best. Jim
oscardave Premium
Hi there,

If it were me I would just let it go and focus on other website comments.

I have also had numerous scenarios where my comments were disapproved for no good reason and it really hurts because it shows the algorithms of WA that you are not a serious person which can hurt you in the long run.

But what I do is mark the website where the comment I made was disapproved, try to reach out to the owner and know what the problem was or avoid commenting on the websites in the future if they don't give a pleasant response.

I hope this helps. :)

HildeRegine Premium
This is an evergreen topic.I think it is up to the one who request the comment to decide if they want to accept the comment or not. It is in their right to do so. I think it is better to communicate with the person who disapproved you to get an answer. I get very many generic and low quality comments and I just disapprove if it does not measure up to what I asked for ( question, discussion, experience, opinion) or I know for a fact that this person use the same script every time while commenting. I also got quality comments on a totally different subject than the article was about and disapproved them.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - there is no appeal process. Under the comments box, there is a Report Site button which you could have used, and marked it as "other" when it asks for a reason.

Or you could simply have clicked off the Site Comments page, and come back to it later, when hopefully a different website would be available. You are not obliged to offer a comment on every post that this is presented to you.

It all sounds very bizarre, but there is nothing you can do about it.
sahasrara Premium
That's what I do too. I skip websites, I don't push it even if I am in the mood to receive a credit, and if I have nothing to say about the post. But in this case, I have something to say, and it's honest feedback to improve. I also added something about the site topic too. It's not 100% about not having content. :-(

Anyway, thanks for the response. I just feel a tad bit discouraged to stay here if that would be normalized. Still hopeful tho. Thank you dear ambassadors! ;-) Moving forward...